Welcome to the MIT On-Campus Sublicense Center!

Forms for summer sublicense listings will be accepted beginning March 28, 2019. The summer sublicense period begins May 16, 2019.

Here you can:

  • find apartments or rooms on campus that are available to sublicense from the current resident
  • post your own room or apartment for sublicensing by another MIT affiliate

Terminology and Guidelines

Sublicense - MIT students who live on-campus housing have been granted a license to live in their units - not a lease. For this reason, we use the term sublicense rather than the move common term sublet.

Sublicensor - If you are the legal license holder of a unit in MIT on-campus housing (resident) and you would like to sublicense it to another MIT affiliate, you are the sublicensor.

Sublicensor Guidelines:

  • Please do not submit any sublicense advertisements before March 28, 2019.
  • Current residents may not sublicense for other family members.
  • Current residents may not sublicense another apartment on-campus during the dates they are still residing in their current assignment.
  • Family units cannot be sublicensed to single residents.
  • The sublicensor will continue to be billed as usual during the sublicense period and is responsible for collecting housing fees from the sublicensee.
  • The sublicensor must not charge more than the housing rates stated on the website for the current year.
  • A resident cannot leave their MIT ID card with any sublicensee.

Sublicensee - If you want to rent a unit from the MIT student who holds the license, you are the sublicensee.

Sublicensee Guidelines:

  • All sublicensees must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Do not apply for more than one sublicense within the same date range.
  • If you are looking for housing with your partner and/or children, you may only sublicense a family housing unit. Family housing units cannot be sublicensed to single residents. You must live with your family in the unit and are required to provide proof of family to Housing & Residential Services before being approved for a sublicense. Housing & Residential Services will also verify this status during your stay.  Information about what you can use to verify your family status can be found here.
  • When you sublicense an on-campus graduate housing unit, you are required to abide by all of MIT’s rules and regulations, all housing policies, as well as all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and the rules and regulations of the residence in which you live.

General Sublicensing Rules

  • Sublicenses are only available during the summer and IAP/winter break.
  • Sublicense advertisements are MIT Certificate protected. Only affiliates of MIT—students, faculty, staff, and visiting faculty, students, and scholars—are eligible to sublicense apartments. Alumni, families of students, and Draper, Broad, and Whitehead employees are not eligible.
  • Rooms in single student housing are for individual sublicensees only.
  • A room may be sublicensed to someone of the opposite sex only with the written approval of all roommates.
  • A refundable deposit of up to $300 may be requested.
  • The space cannot be occupied until the sublicense has been approved by Housing & Residential Services. Money or keys should not be exchanged until both the sublicensor and sublicensee received this approval.
  • Please remember that a sublicense agreement is between members of the MIT community and not an agreement with Housing & Residential Services.
  • Minimum time period for sublicense approvals are as follows:
    • for an MIT student sublicensee – 7 days
    • for a Visitor sublicensee – 14 days
  • Any sublicense request for less than the time period stated above will be denied.