Instructions for the Sublicensee

Finding a Room/Apartment On-Campus to Sublicense

COVID-19 Requirements

If you are currently in COVID Pass:

  • Receive a test from an MIT Medical testing facility (Day 0) within 24 hours of arrival or on the first available testing date.
  • Complete twice-per-week COVID-19 testing according to a normal testing cadence prompted through COVID Pass.

If you are new to COVID Pass:

•    Receive an observed COVID-19 test from an MIT Medical testing facility within 24 hours of moving onto campus (Day 0).  If this is not possible, please test on the first available testing day.  

•    Test again on Day 4 and Day 7.

•    After testing on day 7, complete twice-per-week COVID-19 testing as prompted by COVID Pass.

The Process

  • Read the Sublicense Policies listed on the Sublicense Center website.

  • You must have MIT Certificates on your computer in order to view sublicense applications. If you do not have your MIT credentials, please contact your department.

  • Go to “View Listings” on top of navigation to see units available. Submit an application to the unit you would like to sublicense by selecting the link "Apply".

  • Fill out the sublicensee application and select "Save" to complete the application form.

  • Upon submission of an application, you will receive an automated email response. Please read through all of the information in this email.

  • The Sublicensor who has advertised the sublicense will receive a copy of your application via email and will contact you to negotiate the terms of the sublicense (i.e. sublicense dates, payment schedule, key exchange, etc.).

  • Once both of you have come to an agreement, the sublicensor will either approve or deny the application.

  • If a sublicense is denied, or you receive no update on status after applying, you may apply for a new sublicense.

  • If a sublicense is approved by the resident, the application will go to Housing & Residential Services for review and verification of your MIT affiliation.

  • Housing & Residential Services will receive notice of the approval, confirm the sublicensee's MIT affiliation, and send an email confirming or rejecting the sublicense. The sublicense is not approved until you receive an email confirmation from Housing & Residential Services.Do not pay rent on this unit until you receive official approval from Housing & Residential Services.

  • Instructions for building access will be in your confirmation email, once the application is approved by Housing & Residential Services.

  • The House Operations Manager will be notified of your sublicense by Housing & Residential Services and will activate your MIT ID card when you arrive.

  • You will not be able to access the building or move into your sublicense if you do not have your MIT ID card. Do not use the MIT ID card of the sublicensor for any reason.

Points to Remember

  • Always check your spam/junk e-mail folders periodically as some of the email correspondence may get filtered into these folders.

  • The sublicense is not approved until you receive an e-mail confirmation from Housing & Residential Services. You cannot occupy the space until it is approved. Sublicensees can only begin residing in the apartment/room during the sublicense period. Sublicensees cannot reside in an apartment/room outside of the sublicense period dates.

  • The approval process may take 7-10 business days. (During high volume periods the approval time may be longer.)

  • Make arrangements between the two of you to transfer the keys. Do not accept keys from the sublicensor until the sublicense is approved by Housing & Residential Services.
    The front desk of the building will not facilitate this process. If keys are returned to the front desk, it will be considered as checking out for both the sublicensee and sublicensor. If agreed upon with the sublicensor, a sublicensee may turn in keys to the front desk if it is the end of the license agreement for the sublicensor. Confirm with your sublicensor if the keys are to be left with the front desk and on what date. 

  • Please remember that a sublicense agreement is between members of the MIT community and not an agreement with Housing & Residential Services.

  • Housing & Residential Services does not provide receipts for reimbursements to sublicensors or sublicensees.

  • Housing & Residential Services does not provide Proof of Residence for sublicensees.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email using the subject line "Sublicense Inquiry".